service migration

In preparation to provide GDPR compliant services we will be migrating all of the current services to more updated hardware and software over the next weeks time. most sites will not notice any downtime though ip addresses "will" change.
if you have any questions feel free to open a support ticket 

23rd Apr 2018
system upgrade

I have to take the system down for a few hours to repair some damage caused by the hosting.... this will happen at off hours in the usa pacific time zone and should not last long but the whole system will be down during this event including this site... thank you for your patience

18th Sept 2017
Protest for Net Neutrality - July 12th

on july 12 all sites under this hosting will have a small popup added to their page for 1 day only offering users to join the fight for net neutrality..  this is an important issue and if we are not vigilant access to our websites could end up throttled or removed entirely by the media companies and internet service providers  When we install ...

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10th Jul 2017

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